Clearing My Head & Getting My Creative Mojo On

Since taking these pictures, all of the beautiful autumn leaves have fallen. I took these photos while on a long walk through some local nature trails. The leaves were so bright and beautiful, it was as if the trees were lanterns lighting my path through the woods.

Despite my peaceful walk, I recognize that sometimes I feel anxious. Sometimes I can’t concentrate on anything. At times like these, I just can’t seem to tap into my creative side. Instead of writing in my office or creating in my studio, I feel pulled to do other tasks, like the laundry or dusting. Its almost like I’m just procrastinating because I feel so blocked.

I have found that certain activities really help me clear my mind and get my creative juices flowing. One of my favorites is taking long walks or hikes in my local parks. There is something about being in nature that helps me to slow down, feel less distracted, and re-energize. Whenever I have a pressing question on my mind or feel confused about which path to take, a long walk always seems to help me lose myself in the serenity of nature and find my way again.

Nature walks double as photo walks when I bring my camera along. It is a great way for me to relax while tapping into my creative side. Then before I know it, I’m back in my studio downloading my pics and feeling inspired.

A glimpse into my studio.

There are other activities that I have found help me feel more creative, focused, and motivated, such as flipping through magazines, dancing, and unwinding in a hot yoga class.

What about you? What helps you tap into your creative side? Do you listen to music before painting….meditate before sketching ideas….workout before heading to the office? Do you have any rituals, activities, or other ways that have helped you tap into your creative side? I would love to know!


  1. Oh, these pictures are so beautiful! I wish we had trees like that where I live. I agree with you, sometimes its really hard to stay motivated, but I have found that talking with good friends can really lift my spirits and bring my creativity back.

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