Thank you <3

Thank you to everyone who stopped by on Valentine’s Day! Really feeling all of the love and encouragement here. I also loved hopping to the other blogs that participated in the Fly Tribe party. I was so inspired by all of the talent out there!

So yes, I was reminded again this week that LOVE is all you need. However, flowers and candy are nice too….


Took a few last pics of my finished piece before hauling it up to our bedroom. I already filled this bad boy up and am looking forward to starting another piece. Doesn’t it always seem like when you get one huge project done, there is another one just waiting around the corner for you? I am excited to share that I just recently scored a french provincial piece that has a lot of potential. I know with some work, it’ll look perfect in our spare bedroom. Its back to the grind tomorrow, but I hope to work on this next project soon. I’ll post some pics once I’m done! Xo, Kat

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