For The Love of Art + A Little Makeover

I often get asked how I make time for art in my life. Typically, it seems like people only ask so that they can talk about how they used to love to paint, sew, or engage in some other creative endeavor, but that their lives are just too busy now. They tell me their rehearsed stories about how they were once so creative, but then they got married, or had kids, or fell into a career. I hear the excitement in their voices as they describe the artistic medium they once excelled in. However, these conversations typically end with the person determining that their artistic door is closed. Their enthusiasm fades and they decide they need to stop dreaming and get back to work.

I completely get it. Just like everyone else, I feel that my life is very full and it can be difficult to fit creative time in. The truth is, I don’t get to my camera, metals, fabrics, and paints as often as I would like. However, I have learned to balance my creativity by living a more artistic life. Your creative expression doesn’t always have to show up on canvas or through a string of beads. Your creativity can shine through in your everyday life, such as in the way you dress, little notes you write for your family, and the way you decorate your home.

Today, I am excited to invite you to my home, where we are celebrating love. Love of family, love of life, love of art….

For St. Valentine’s Day, we are having a small, cozy celebration….

As the snow continues to fall outside, are hearts stay warm with thoughts of gratitude and love.

Even little Mazzy joined in the fun.

Our celebration includes love notes…

and little presents.

We have red velvet cupcakes,

tiny candies,

and many other sweet treats.

Of course there was romance with cherubs and roses…

And love. So much love.

Mazzy (who’s red collar you can barely see because she is so “big-boned”) gave me the stink eye when I put the cookies away. I guess she’s only feelin’ the love when food is involved. Can’t really blame her.

This celebration was also made for the Love of Art Blog Party that is happening today through the Fly Tribe. You can join all the fun and get inspired by this amazing group of artists through the Fly Tribe Blog Hop.

Aside from the party, I had time to do a little St. Valentine’s Day makeover. Turning this brown tall boy into a pretty lavender lingerie chest. This was a new color for me and I am really happy with the romantic look of the piece.

Adore the little keyhole…

I hope you are having a wonderful St. Valentine’s Day. I am curious, how do you fit your creativity into your everyday? With how busy you are, how do you make time for your love of art?

Getting Crafty and Walking Again

Yes, its true…after 3 plus months with a broken ankle, I am finally walking cain- and crutch-free! I have been away from my computer, doing all those post-ankle break-type activities, like checking out shoe sales, pumicing the palms of my hands (major callouses from crutches), and pretty much enjoying life with both my feet back on the ground.

One thing I really missed was my crafting time. My studio was a huge mess and truthfully, I didn’t feel like digging through the trenches of my studio until I was feeling a bit stronger. So,  last week I decided to start getting crafty again!

Oh and did I ever miss it. While I was laying up the past several months, I got really into Pinterest, just dreaming of the day I’d be getting my craft on once again. So many beautiful DIY ideas on there–I’m just blown away by all of the creativity. Sure, I know that Pinterest is pretty much like crack of the internet. However, since I wasn’t able to go out much, it really has the perfect cure for my crafting blues.

Anyway, I made a DIY board on Pinterest and this was one of the projects that I thought was super easy and yet so pretty. Just clothespins, mod podge, glitter, scrap paper and voila….now I’ll be keeping my papers together with these stylish and clever clothespins.

I decided to get fancy on some, and I used vintage sheet music along with deconstructed vintage earrings. I always seem to need a little vintage flair to be satisfied.

I added magnets and vintage earrings to these to go on the refrigerator of our retro-inspired kitchen.

Okay, I got a little picture happy, but it is so nice to be walking and taking photos again. Although, one crutch did make a good tripod at times…

Well, thats it for now, but I have about a gazillion more DIYs bookmarked that I hope to get to soon. I found them all on Pinterest and other blogs and sites with great ideas and lovely pictures. Any good DIYs you tried out after being inspired by a Pinterest pic? Hope to pin along with you, check out my boards  here.