My Word for 2012 + Fly Tribe Blog Hop

Webs in my mind.

Focus. Focus. Focus!

Yep, focus is the word I chose for myself for 2012. I actually kinda cringed when this was the word that came to me, but I feel that focus is what I need now more than ever. You see, I am the sort of person who gets caught up in so many webs of ideas, goals, and good intentions, only to find it to difficult to focus enough on seeing anything through. I constantly try to “multi-task” out of fear of wasting time, but many times mistakes are made or details are overlooked. However, this all changed recently when I took a tumble that changed my life.

It happened several months ago when the universe actually sent me the message knocked me over the head and forced me to focus. At that time, I was pretty much living life like a great white tornado–spinning around very quickly, but in the end everything is still just an unorganized mess. Typically, I am the kinda girl who exercises on the elliptical while listening to learn-a-language podcasts, reading research studies for work, and occasionally looking up to catch parts of the Today Show on the gym televisions. I often cook dinner while checking email and I bring my iPad pretty much everywhere, including bed. I was twisting and turning around life  just fine, until I the day I broke my ankle…

If you ever need to focus more or just want to get a laugh while practicing mindfulness, try to carry on with your day-to-day tasks while hopping on one foot. My days of spinning in circles have been put on hold for now, as I adjust to life without walking. Since the break, I have gone through so many overwhelming feelings, including denial, anger, sadness, slap happiness, and hopelessness. I have reached acceptance. I accept that it takes every ounce of focus just to make it down the stairs or to carry a glass of water to the table. I accept that I can only do one thing at a time and at a injured snails pace.

Please don’t feel sorry for me. After all, I will walk again, and loved ones have shown so much kindness and support. Even total strangers have been great… opening doors, letting me go first in long bathroom lines (thanks ladies!), and generally getting out of my way as I crutch along through life.

Plus, the word focus really isn’t bad at all. As a noun, it is defined as “the center of interest or activity.” This could be a good thing for my creative dreams and professional aspirations. As a verb, focus means “to concentrate; to see clearly.” My goals around my creative biz are calling me to slowly and carefully take each step needed to succeed.

Speaking of creativity, my dreams have been given wings through the support of the fantastic fly-tribe. I am so proud to be a part of this group of incredible artists and amazing women, who are also sharing their thoughts on their word for 2012. Come join in the fun, get inspired, and learn more about this group of  by following the fly-tribe blog hop. I am beyond excited to be participating in this event! I owe so much to these talented women and I know that they will help me stay true to my word.

So, 2012, as I stand here with one foot firmly planted on the ground, I deem you my year to focus. Now, I’m not saying that I will one day be the guru of concentration. Let’s be honest, I will probably always do squats while blowdrying my hair (please don’t judge) and most likely I will occasionally start projects that I never complete. However, I have really learned my lesson about the value of focus. Although , I would appreciate if the universe would whisper messages to me next time instead of breaking my bones…thanks.


I have spent the past three days in bed. I’m starting the new year off with a ridiculous cold. Feeling so grateful for NyQuil and my Temper-Pedic mattress…

Normally I would be vigorously writing out my new year’s resolutions, burning off holiday overindulgence at a cramped gym, and promising myself that this will be my year. Alas, I am in bed with herbal tea, magazines, and Tylenol. I’ve been dozing in and out of sleep, hoping to feel human again soon.

I am afraid to even look in the mirror. I’ve been keeping tissue stuffed up each nose and I’m wearing two pairs of pajamas at the same time. Its a very sexy look. So hot in fact that Mr. Star refuses to sleep next to me until he deems me noncontagious. In the meantime, he has outlined a corner of the house referred to as his “safe zone,” where me and my germs are not welcome.

Oh well, at least I have my trusty cats. They don’t seem to be bothered by my unwashed hair and bloodshot eyes. They have been keeping my bed warm as I continue to go through some of my holiday pics.